Pool Party (OP Rewards for LPs)

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⚠️ Pool Party rewards may be subject to updates and changes so make sure to follow us on Medium or Twitter for the latest news.

Pool Party Overview

Pool Party is an initiative to incentivize liquidity provision, where PERP liquidity mining rewards are boosted with OP tokens. A total of 5.2 million OP from Perp's allocation will be dedicated to the Pool Party initiative, as outlined in our phase 0 proposal on Optimism's governance forum. 

Provide liquidity across any of our 17 markets to earn OP rewards every week! Check out these guides to get started!

Each week on Monday, 5,000 OP are distributed amongst the LPs of each market in proportion to the volume they have facilitated. The volume facilitated is counted from Sunday (00:00 UTC) up until Saturday (23:59 UTC). 

For example, if an LP facilitates $100,000 worth of volume when the total volume for that pool was $1 million over one week, then 10% of the OP tokens allocated to that market can be claimed on Mondays. LPs can claim their OP tokens and view their estimated rewards through the UI: https://rewards.perp.com/liquidity-mining.

Ignoring funding payments, the LP in the example above will have received approximately $100 in USDC from trading fees (automatically added to their free collateral), while also earning 500 OP and 500 PERP from the Pool Party initiative. 

The Rewards APR shown on each pool page for an asset estimates the return in OP and PERP tokens for providing liquidity. The lower end estimate indicates the return for providing liquidity across the full price range, while the upper end estimate indicates the return for providing liquidity across a very tight price range. 

How to Claim Pool Party Rewards

To claim the Pool Part rewards, click on "Rewards" from the sidebar:


Connect your wallet to the rewards dashboard and then click on "Claim Now" button underneath Perp v2 Pool Party:


The markets that you have facilitated volume for will be shown on this page, along with your estimated rewards.

Click on a particular market to see the available rewards and claim the OP and PERP tokens: 


The estimated rewards shown on the UI may differ slightly from the actual claimable rewards.

Once you've clicked on a market, you'll see the following page where you can claim your OP and PERP rewards. Note that you have to claim OP and PERP separately. 


Click "Claim OP" to receive your Pool Party rewards and confirm the transaction in your wallet. 

Contract Addresses for Claiming Rewards