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This content is not maintained and refers to an out-of-date version of Perpetual Protocol.

For the latest documentation, see https://docs.perp.com

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Note about 3rd-party services: Tools and services listed on this page are created, hosted and maintained by 3rd parties. Verify their safety and security before using them.


  • Teahouse's first publicly available vault implements a LP strategy on top of Perp, collecting USDC fees and Pool Party rewards (OP and PERP) to generate a return for depositors.

  • Trade spots assets using Perp's liquidity.

Hummingbot Trading Connector: https://docs.hummingbot.org/exchanges/perp/

  • The Hummingbot trading connector supports all swap functionalities.

  • Vault that uses yield earned on stablecoins via Curve/Convex Finance to make leveraged trades on Perp and Lyra.

  • Trade on Perp using the Ethereum or BNB Chain blockchains with DappOS.

  • Basis trading USDC vault, earn funding payments from the ETH-USD market on Perp.

  • The Basis Yield ETH ($BYE) Index generates auto-compounding yield when the funding rate for the ETH-USD market on Perp is negative. The vault can be forked from GitHub.

Diamond Protocol: https://app.dmo.finance/vaults/ETH-Cash-Carry (deprecated)

  • The Cash and Carry vault is a basis trading strategy for ETH which uses deposited USDC to short ETH perpetuals on Perp and earn funding rate payments, while being hedged with spot ETH holdings.


  • Volume and account stats.

  • An integration of TradingView strategy alert to execute automated trades on Perp. To learn more check out the docs and video guide, as well as the recording of this tutorial held on our Discord.

  • A trading bot that automates two strategies: TWAP execution for scaling in and out of positions and a spread strategy to engage in funding rate arbitrage between Perp and Binance. Read our blog article on how to set up the TWAP execution bot.

  • A simulator for liquidity positions on Perp: estimate the fees earned, APR percentage, impermanent position, liquidation prices, and more.

  • A simulator for liquidity positions on Perp. Backtest, manage positions and provide liquidity through this alternative frontend tailored to makers. Check out this guide for the latest features.

  • The ETH Bull Vol vault utilizes a long straddle strategy for ETH to generate returns with a limited downside when there's elevated volatility.

  • The Perp Curie CLI allows you to trade perps by interacting directly with our smart contracts from your Terminal.

  • Experience DeFi in a gamified and social way by trading or providing liquidity through the Atlantis World metaverse.

  • Find arbitrage opportunities on Perp and other exchanges.

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