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Base & Quotes Tokens

In Uniswap V3, a pool has two tokens: one designated as token0, and the other as token1. The order is decided by (address token0, address token1) = tokenA < tokenB ? (tokenA, tokenB) : (tokenB, tokenA)

The price of the pool is always token1/token0. The price range liquidity is added to is also based on this configuration.

Assuming we have pools such as vETH:vUSD or vBTC:vUSD, the price a Uniswap V3 Pool returns can be denominated in ETH, BTC or USD, depending on which is token0 and token1. This adds additional potential overhead.

To simplify, we force the ClearingHouse to only support Uniswap V3 Pools where token0 is base, and token1 isquote. This can be done by only deploying a BaseToken when its address is smaller than our QuoteToken (not using create2).

Contract & Token Addresses

Smart Contract Addresses

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Hot Tub

Proxy Contracts

Perpetual Protocol uses proxies for upgradeability. Please check the proxy addresses below for the latest versions.

Exchange Proxy Contract

Clearinghouse Proxy Contract

Vault Proxy Contract

IF Proxy Contract

Pool Party Reward Contracts

PERP Token Addresses

There may be PERP tokens that are not genuine. Be sure to check you are trading the correct token.

The following are known PERP tokens on various chains.

Ethereum mainnet










vePERP Token Address



Hot Tub Contracts

Full list:

ETH Vaults

ArbETH-ETH vault

  • ETHUSDCBaseVault (user’s entry point): 0x722Ef09F933f09069257C68563B715486365B895

  • ETHUSDCBaseVaultPerpPositionManager (Vault’s Perp account): 0x3d03748A0FbBa8DD5F07b16c0178cdd1327FC58a

  • ETHUSDCBaseVaultToken (Vault’s ERC20 LP token): 0xf2c886623309c93b56537C8c4d4321813ef78439

ArbETH-USDC vault

  • ETHUSDCQuoteVault (user’s entry point): 0x748A38f4a430504Deb15fD5BB157dd466f8284B9

  • ETHUSDCQuoteVaultPerpPositionManager (Vault’s Perp account): 0x54E32c4c28f6e9B3F428635FD8e52b1C5742FC88

  • ETHUSDCQuoteVaultToken (Vault’s ERC20 LP token): 0x83d6675FE072928132c1B98ca3647De2fA9c8d84

OP Vaults

ArbOP-OP vault

  • OPUSDCBaseVault (user's entry point): 0x5039cDE9ed71256BE27A36440380F36cAD45d270

  • OPUSDCBaseVaultPerpPositionManager (Vault's Perp account): 0xe72716C65d99c477C7E381E30Fb29F602CA784B8

  • OPUSDCBaseVaultToken (Vault's ERC20 LP token): 0xeF9d827408C52C0F87278e1068Ef652Ad7274356

ArbOP-USDC vault

  • OPUSDCQuoteVault (user's entry point): 0x7AF98C4edc50cd7EC18C8B28A34200a16f53F3a4

  • OPUSDCQuoteVaultPerpPositionManager (Vault's Perp account): 0xf4880599EB67F932df64ec1ED7b163c16Cd3929B

  • OPUSDCQuoteVaultToken (Vault's ERC20 LP token): 0x0A8C0b205549589FEAdFB954282fBd187E541D83

WBTC Vaults

ArbBTC-BTC Vault

  • BTCUSDCBaseVault (user's entry point): 0x6e9205B734455b578D06135de51E87D742d32cF2

  • BTCUSDCBaseVaultPerpPositionManager (Vault's Perp account): 0x2D97d9714B6ccd75F5EA109a0B220b978a8C6F84

  • BTCUSDCBaseVaultToken (Vault's ERC20 LP token): 0x78Ef3a1Dfb1Cee9B62b55a96fc076F2Ad09D8B6D


  • BTCUSDCQuoteVault (user's entry point): 0x243e5F2CedDf3C7098832bCB890eF70A34099415

  • BTCUSDCQuoteVaultPerpPositionManager (Vault's Perp account): 0x3d99EB56fA430503ffE85E7A8064a467C85DeaA1

  • BTCUSDCQuoteVaultToken (Vault's ERC20 LP token): 0xA825825F3C0E7D0e6413981ad940AfD8a8b1B976

Other Hot Tub Contracts

  • KtbArbitrageur (whitelisted contract that can swap between Hot Tub and DEX but need to transfer all profits back to Hot Tub): 0xEE1aDAEa27E97440DF594d601E366b3a1f1703dd

  • Router: 0x2D9949BbeBfBEC3dd087781Ae546202E708B841b

  • VaultConfig (store config for all Hot Tub vaults, including whitelist, deleverageMarginRatio, etc.): 0x5Da8E71EA120DE22447BC8aE339FE398c17178fA

Error Codes

Complete list

A comprehensive list of error codes can be found here:


CH_PSCF Price slippage check fail

Transaction exceeded set slippage tolerance

AB_MNE Markets number exceeds

Position would exceed cap on number of markets. See: Limits & Caps

Slippage reversion error codes

CH_TLRS Too little received when short

CH_TMRS Too much requested when short

CH_TLRL Too little received when long

CH_TMRL Too much requested when long


V_GTSTBCGreater than settlement token balance cap

Deposit exceeds current TVL cap. See: Limits & Caps

Limit Orders

LOB_ROINS Reduce-only limit order size exceeds available position size

LOB_OVTS Order value too small (<100 USD)

CH_NEFCI Not enough free collateral

AB_MNE Number of markets exceeds limit


SPL Square root price limit

Price moved outside of slippage tolerance before the swap took place.

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