Add / Remove Liquidity

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This content is not maintained and refers to an out-of-date version of Perpetual Protocol.

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You can add liquidity based on your free collateral. You are able to add liquidity up to 10x your collateral value, but keep in mind that doing so exposes you to liquidation.

Following the launch of multi-collateral, the available collateral options are: ETH, WETH, FRAX and USDC.

Price Range

You can add liquidity within a price range of your choosing. The price range will determine two things:

  1. The range of prices over which your liquidity will be bought/sold by traders placing market orders,

  2. The ratio of assets added to the pool.

Ratio of Assets Added

The current price and your selected price range will determine the ratio of assets (base and quote tokens) you must provide. If the current price is:

  • above your price range, you can only provide quote token (USD),

  • within your price range, you will provide some quote token and some base token,

  • below your price range, you can only provide base token (e.g. ETH, BTC).

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