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Bridging Assets to Optimism

Funds must be sent to the Optimism rollup in order to use Perpetual Protocol, which can be done within the app by going to "Deposit" on any of the supported assets.

Some useful security tips for bridging:

i) before bridging, check the bridge status on Twitter (search the bridge name and see if there is any chatter about an exploit or a hack). If there's no chatter, then it should be safe to bridge.

ii) Set the approval to the exact amount you're bridging so that even if there's an exploit, your funds will remain safe.

iii) Always DYOR before using any bridge.

Video Guide

Check out our video guide on bridging to Optimism:

Bridging assets to Optimism is a simple process and there are two main paths for traders on our platform:

  1. Use our Optifaucet to get 0.002 ETH when bridging at least 1,500 USDC to a new wallet on Optimism (ETH Faucet in the screenshot below).

  2. Bridge ETH/USDC from mainnet, CEXes or other networks like Arbitrum, xDai and Polygon。


Perp v2 has integrated Biconomy's Hyphen bridge, allowing traders to seamlessly bridge two assets to Optimism with a single transaction. The widget is available from the app's homepage or by clicking on one of the "Deposit" buttons.

Check the "Get gas token on destination?" option to receive USDC and a small amount of ETH for gas fees. Then click "Transfer" and confirm the transaction to start bridging.

Bride and DEX aggregator is also integrated as a widget, allowing you to find the best route to deposit funds on Optimism. You can then connect your wallet to the widget, specify and confirm your transaction to get started on Perp.

You can also transfer funds to Optimism via the "Bridge USDC" or "Bridge ETH" options.

Select the network you're bridging from then choose one of the supported options, which include:

  • Optimism Gateway: provided by the good people at Optimism.

  • Hop Exchange: a multi-chain bridge supporting transfers of ETH, USDC, etc., between several chains including Ethereum, Optimism and xDai.

  • LayerSwap: withdraw ETH directly from CEXes to Optimism.

New bridge projects are emerging all the time and each serves different needs. Other bridging options you can use are displayed on Optimism's website here.

Do Your Own Research: Token bridges may introduce risk and in some cases employ centralized components. Always research a bridge before using it, just as you would any crypto or DeFi project.

Centralized Exchanges

Withdrawals of ETH and USDC to the Optimism network are supported by CEXes such as Binance, and Huobi.

You can then swap some of your ETH for USDC using Uniswap to start trading on Perp v2.

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