Trading Fees and Gas Fees

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This content is not maintained and refers to an out-of-date version of Perpetual Protocol.

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All trading fees are paid in USDC. This includes protocol fees paid to makers (i.e., liquidity providers).

Taker Fees

  • 0.10% on all trades.

For example, when you open or close a position with a value of 10,000 USDC, the trading fee will be:

= 0.001*10,000 USDC = 10 USDC

You can check the fees paid for your trades here:

Currently, makers earn 80% of fees while the rest goes towards the insurance fund.

Gas Fees

Since Perp v2 is based on Ethereum's Layer 2 scaling solution Optimism, you'll have to pay L2 gas fees in ETH to execute a transaction whenever you open or close a position. There's also a gas fee to publish your transaction on L1 in a rollup batch.

You can track the gas fees in terms of both ETH and USD using this dashboard.

To learn more about how gas fees work on Optimism, check out this guide:

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