Delisting Market Process

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The process for delisting a market is explained below:

1. The Token Listing DAO proposes a vote for delisting a token. The delisting requirements are markets with less than $200,000 in volume on Perp and $10 million on CoinGecko (using a 30-day rolling average for both), as outlined here

2. The Foundation team performs a risk assessment to ensure the market can be delisted safely and defines the delisting date.

3. Whenever a market is to be delisted, an announcement will be made on Discord and Twitter for the community 2 days prior to give users enough time to close their positions and/or remove liquidity. The market will be paused 48 hours after this announcement is made. 

4. During this 48-hour period, no new positions can be opened and the market cannot be traded. You can only close your positions or remove liquidity.

5. A channel dedicated to users that have open positions in the market that's going to be delisted will be available in our Discord server if you need any assistance or have any questions. 

6. Once the market has been paused, users will not be able to close their positions or remove liquidity. The message below will be shown on the market's page:


7. The Foundation team performs another risk assessment again right before delisting the market. 

8. BaseToken.close(indexTwapPrice) is called to close the market and another announcement will be made to inform users. Once the market is closed, it's recommended to close any remaining positions and/or remove liquidity as soon as possible. Users will see something similar to what's displayed below on the market's page. The index TWAP price will be displayed and users will be able to close their positions or remove liquidity according to the index TWAP price using the 'Close Position' button.