Suggested Wallets

  • Updated

Any wallet that's compatible with MetaMask or supported by the Wallet Connect Protocol can be used to trade or market make on Perp v2. You can also use Coinbase Wallet and Torus to access the app. 

Below is a list of suggested wallets that are compatible:

  • MetaMask: the most popular Web3 wallet (check out our Learn article on how to use MetaMask like a pro).
  • Wallet 3: open source wallet that uses the Wallet Connect protocol, so you can still have MetaMask enabled in your browser while Wallet 3 is in use.
  • Frame: a privacy-focused wallet that's includes a native desktop application, keeping your keys off the browser. To connect with Frame, download the browser extension and desktop wallet, then disable the MetaMask extension. Once on Perp v2, you can use Frame by clicking on connect with MetaMask.
  • Token Pocket: a multi-chain wallet that's easy to use. As with Frame, you'll have to disable the MetaMask extension.
  • Rabby: a secure, open source wallet with a seamless multi-chain experience. Repeat the same steps as with Frame to start using Rabby on Perp v2!
  • Coinbase Wallet: you do not need to have a Coinbase account to use this wallet. Download on your mobile device and use to dapp browser to add Perp v2 as a bookmarked application, so you can quickly trade on the go.

We are currently working on adding support for other Web3 wallets in the future.