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To deposit funds to Perp, you'll first need to transfer some ETH and USDC on Optimism.

Check out this guide to learn how to bridge assets to Optimism:

How to Deposit

Once you have some ETH and USDC (and/or other supported collateral assets) on Optimism, go to

Click on the 'Deposit' button for the collateral type you want to use:


A pop-up appears which lets you enter the amount of USDC, USDT, ETH, or OP you want to deposit to Perp v2's clearinghouse smart contract, provides some bridging options and shows the available amount to deposit:


Click on 'Max' if you want to deposit all of the USDC in your wallet (or enter the desired amount in the box). 

You can also select a different asset to deposit from the dropdown menu:


When depositing for the first time, you'll have to approve the clearinghouse smart contract to use your USDC, which grants permission to the contract to swap your tokens for vTokens in order to trade or provide liquidity. The same one-off approval also applies to other collateral types (e.g., USDT, ETH/WETH, and OP). 

Once you have entered an amount of USDC you want to use as collateral to trade or market make with on Perp, click on 'Deposit'. Your wallet will then ask you to confirm the transaction and you'll have to pay a small gas fee. 

The transaction will be confirmed in a couple of seconds and your balance on the homepage will be updated under the 'Amount' column.


Note that the 'Wallet' column shows how much is currently held in your wallet while the 'Amount' column shows how much collateral you currently have to be used for trading or market making on Perp. 

Deposit History

You can view the amounts deposited and links to the transaction details on Etherscan for all of your previous deposits by using the History page, located at the bottom left-hand side of the home page. From there you can navigate to the Deposits section. 


Once you have deposited USDC and/or some other supported assets, you're now all set to trade or market make on Perp!

Help with Deposits

If you are experiencing an issue with a deposit, please contact us on Discord.