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How to Withdraw

To take out your funds from the Perp v2 clearinghouse smart contract, you can use the withdraw button on the app.perp.com homepage. 



Once you click on Withdraw, enter the amount of USDC you want returned to your wallet. Click on Max if you want to withdraw all of the available balance. 



After deciding how much to withdraw, click on Withdrawal, confirm in your wallet and the transaction will be processed in a couple of seconds. Note that you'll need a small amount of ETH to cover the gas costs and your USDC will be sent via the Optimism network.



After the withdrawal is complete, your balance on the app.perp.com homepage will be updated and the funds will become available in your wallet. 

To get around the 7-day challenge period for withdrawing funds from Optimism, you can use bridges such as cBridge to transfer USDC from Optimism to the Ethereum mainnet or other networks. (Note: we only use cBridge as an example here. Always do your own research on bridges and the risks/trade-offs involved). 


Withdrawal History

You can view the amount of USDC and a link to the transaction details on Etherscan for all of your previous withdrawals by using the History page, which is located at the bottom left-hand side of the home page. From there you can navigate to the Withdrawals section. 



Help with Withdrawals

If you are experiencing an issue with a withdrawal, please contact us on Discord.