Liquidity Mining

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Liquidity mining on Perpetual Protocol Curie is currently live. See this blog post for details.

Rewards are distributed on a weekly basis (on Mondays, at 6am UTC), where the amount of PERP earned is proportional to the liquidity you provide to a certain pool. 

Example: If the total liquidity in the ETH-USD pool is $10 million and you provide $100,000 worth of USDC as a maker, you'll be eligible to claim 1% (= 100,000/10,000,000) of the liquidity mining rewards for that pool on the following Monday. Given that the liquidity mining rewards are 5,000 PERP per pool per week, you'd earn 50 PERP for that week. 

⚠️ Liquidity mining may be subject to updates and changes so make sure to follow us on Medium or Twitter for the latest news.


Feb 15

  • Each pool now has a separate allotment of rewards (5k PERP). This means that less popular pools will have a higher reward APR compared to more popular pools. Continuing with the example above, if you had instead allocated $100,000 worth of liquidity to a smaller pool of size $1 million, the liquidity mining rewards for that week would be equal to 500 PERP, since you are supplying 10% of the assets in that pool.