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Trading and investing carries the risk of financial loss. You could lose 100% of funds used to place trades, although you will never lose more than your initial investment. None of the information provided by Perpetual Protocol is financial advice—always perform your own due diligence before trading or investing.

Perpetual Protocol is an open source software project to create powerful financial tools available to all. Perpetual Protocol's core product is a perpetual futures DEX (decentralized exchange) which runs on the blockchain (v1 on xDai and v2 on Optimism).

Perpetual Protocol was founded in 2019 by a small team of startup founders and software engineers. Called "Strike" in the early days, the project pivoted to perpetual futures and changed the name to Perpetual Protocol in summer of 2020. Founded in Taiwan, the core team now includes members from around the globe, and a thriving community making up the Perpetual DAO—the organization guiding the long-term direction of the project.

The first mainnet version was launched on the xDai network in December 2020. Version 2 of the protocol, dubbed Curie, launched on Optimism in November 2021.


Perpetual Protocol is an open source software project whose goal is to create the world's best, most accessible and most secure decentralized derivatives trading platform.

This vision leverages the DeFi 'money lego' ethos to both build upon other amazing DeFi projects, as well as actively facilitate ways for future projects to build upon our work.

What can you do with Perpetual Protocol?

  • Trade a wide variety of assets easily, using perpetual futures
  • Go long or short
  • Use leverage up to 10x

Ok but what are perpetual futures?

Perpetual futures are a tool for trading against the price of a wide range of assets. You can use them to go long or short, with leverage up to 10x and beyond.

Starting to trade on Perpetual Protocol is quick and easy—all you need is an Ethereum-compatible wallet like Metamask, and USDC tokens for collateral. Next, either go to app.perp.com or a third-party platform to start trading!