Perpvangelist Program

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Apply to become a Perpvangelist and work with us in a fully decentralized way! Make sure you have Discord, Telegram and Twitter usernames ready, as well as an Ethereum (web3) wallet.

What is a Perpvangelist?

Perpvangelists contribute their time and skills to help grow the Perpetual Protocol ecosystem. 

If you cannot commit full time, are interested in joining a fast-growing community and enthusiastic about DeFi, then this program is for you!

You'll be joining a strong, positive-minded community of DeFi lovers from around the globe. You will both learn from them, and be their guide.


The reward pool is currently 3,000 PERP per month. The rewards pool will be increased as more contributors join.

Perpetual Protocol uses Coordinape to easily and fairly distribute these tokens to Perpvangelists!  Each member of the program receives 100 GIVE tokens at the start of each month, which can be sent to award other program members' contributions.

As a Perpvangelist, your helpful work will also be rewarded when people send you GIVE. At the end of each month, the PERP rewards are distributed based on the GIVE token allocations.

Note that the 100 GIVE you'd get each month aren't worth anything until they are given away.

As well as the chance to earn PERP for your work, you'll also get:

  • A Perpvangelist role in our Discord as well as access to a dedicated channel.
  • Exclusive NFTs as credentials through Project Galaxy

What's the Mission?

The mission of Perpvangelists is to find ways to bring more users to our platform and strengthen our community. The scope of your work is limited only by your imagination and abilities!

Perpvangelists collaborate through the web3 native project management system DeWork, where there are three circles to organise the efforts:

  1. Content: for creating articles, videos, memes, etc., about Perpetual Protocol.
  2. International: for translating content, promoting Perpetual Protocol on social media in different languages and fostering communities in your local area.
  3. Community moderation: for helping us out on Discord and Telegram. 

You can do anything that brings users to the protocol, builds awareness, or improves users' experiences. Here are some more examples:


  • Write about Perpetual Protocol or produce educational content
  • Take notes for our AMAs, interviews or other online events
  • Translate our content to your language


  • Create sticker packs for Discord or Telegram
  • Create emoji packs for Discord or Telegram
  • Create memes/GIFs, post them on your social media and upload to GIPHY/Tenor


  • Promote our Twitter @perpprotocol by retweeting official announcements, mentioning us or replying to us
  • Reply to other influencers' relevant tweets and mention @perpprotocol
  • Blog post about Perpetual Protocol with links to
  • Educational videos on your Youtube or TikTok channels

Community Moderation

  • Answer all questions on Discord & Telegram in a timely and responsive manner
  • Delete & ban spam
  • Start new topics of discussion on Discord & Telegram
  • Have friendly conversations on Discord & Telegram with fellow community members
  • Share relevant news and/or memes on Discord & Telegram


  • Introduce influencers and trading group managers to our referral program
  • Produce high-quality tutorial videos for articles on Learn
  • Bring up new ideas for Perpetual Protocol related to growth, partnerships, community, and new programs
  • Create local (non-English) communities
  • Raise suggestions to improve the Perpvangelist program
  • Any other contributions you can think of!