Funding Tools

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There are four ways to track funding payments for your positions on Perpetual Protocol:

  1. Within the Perp UI using the funding rate chart,
  2. The R72.FI website offered by the community,
  3. Through The Graph,
  4. The Perpetual Protocol v2 trader dashboard on Dune Analytics, created by Perpvangelist Shogun.

Let's take a look at each in turn. 

Perp UI

The funding chart is shown within the UI, next to 'Price' on the trading chart. Click on 'Funding Rate' to show the time series chart of the funding rate.



Several options are available for displaying the funding rate: the 1 hour funding rate, 8-hour funding rate and annualized. You can also specify a custom date range and download the data as a CSV file. 




Go to to see the historical funding rates for the markets on Perp. 



Click on a particular trading pair (e.g., ETH:USD) to see a time series chart of the funding rate. You can change the time period using the dropdown menu on the top right-hand side:


The Graph

The Graph provides data via GraphQL that can be used for further processing locally. 

Link to subgraph Funding example:


Click on the play button to retrieve the daily funding rate across all markets on Perp.

The 24-hour funding rate shown here based on a 15-minute time-weighted average price that is updated with each Ethereum L1 block. 

The fundingRatePerBlock can be calculated as:

latest dailyFundingRate * blockPeriod / 86400

where latest dailyFundingRate can be fetched from The Graph (as shown above) and the block period = (current block timestamp - previous block timestamp). 

Perpetual Protocol v2 Trader Dashboard

Navigate to the Dune dashboard, enter your address in the wallet address field, select a time period and then click on the "Apply all parameters"



Then scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard to see your past funding payments (using the Perp funding payments trader chart) and pending funding payments (under the pending funding chart):