Error Codes

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CH_PSCF Price slippage check fail

Transaction exceeded set slippage tolerance

AB_MNE Markets number exceeds

Position would exceed cap on number of markets. See: Limits & Caps

Slippage reversion error codes

CH_TLRS Too little received when short

CH_TMRS Too much requested when short

CH_TLRL Too little received when long

CH_TMRL Too much requested when long


V_GTSTBCGreater than settlement token balance cap

Deposit exceeds current TVL cap. See: Limits & Caps

Limit Orders

LOB_ROINS Reduce-only limit order size exceeds available position size

LOB_OVTS Order value too small (<100 USD)

CH_NEFCI Not enough free collateral

AB_MNE Number of markets exceeds limit


SPL Square root price limit

Price moved outside of slippage tolerance before the swap took place.