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Note about 3rd-party services: Tools and services listed below are created, hosted and maintained by 3rd parties. Verify their safety and security before using them.




  • Positions and liquidity.


  • Basis trading USDC vault, earn funding payments from the ETH-USD market on Perp v2. 


  • Vault that uses yield earned on stablecoins via Curve/Convex Finance to make leveraged trades on Perp v2 and Lyra. 


  • The Basis Yield ETH ($BYE) Index generates auto-compounding yield when the funding rate for the ETH-USD market on Perp v2 is negative.

Diamond Protocol: 

  • The Cash and Carry vault is a basis trading strategy for ETH which uses deposited USDC to short ETH perpetuals on Perp v2 and earn funding rate payments, while being hedged with spot ETH holdings. 

Index Coop:

  • Market Neutral Yield ETH (or $MNYe) is a tokenized basis trading strategy built using Set’s integration with Perpetual Protocol on Optimism. By shorting perpetuals and equal spot exposure, this strategy allows users to earn yield in USDC terms with no exposure to price volatility. 



  • Volume and account stats. 


  • A simulator for liquidity positions on Perp v2: estimate the fees earned, APR percentage, impermanent position, liquidation prices, and more. 

Atlantis World:

  • Experience DeFi in a gamified and social way by trading or providing liquidity through the Atlantis World metaverse. 


  • A simulator for liquidity positions on Perp v2. Backtest, manage positions and provide liquidity through this alternative frontend tailored to makers.